Ready Order and Custom Order Paddles

Marine Corps  w/ blk knots
Chief Chain Paddle
Custom Paddle Order
Coin Inset Each
Size of Coin in inches
Paddle Colors
2nd Color
3rd Color
4th Color
Trident Paddle
2nd Color
3rd Color
4th Color
Choose Trident
Trident 1
Trident 2
Rope Design
Ribbon Design
Paddle Box(Choose type of Wood)
Felt Backing
Mustang Officer Paddle
2.5 ft Paddle w/ coin slots
Text a color not listed
EGA and Navy Coin can be mounted on the paddle, mounted in handle or of your choosing.
Must detail placement
Must detail placement
Sizes of Paddle
4ft Paddles are special order
New Message Paddle
Add wording or command letters down the 
shaft of the Paddle.
Paddle Sizes
Color of Letter/Color of Shaft
Standard Color
Color of Caduceus/ "D" Color
Breast Cancer Awareness Paddle:
By email order only. The cost is 110.00 w/tax.