Available Cord Colors for Paddles and Charms:

 Scarlet Red, Desert Tan, White, Khaki, Goldenrod, Olive, Navy/ Royal Blue, Silver/Gray, 
Yellow, Black, Gold, Green(Kelly), Rust, Sand, Maroon &  Harley Orange.  

Also in Army ACU, Desert ,Woodland, Navy pattern

New colors: RED/WHITE/BLUE cord, Blk/RED, Yellow/Blk Combo

All Laser Engraving is extra: $28.00 for Logo OR Inscription; Both are $32.50. Prices are set by thrid party engraver.

Personal or Command Logo MUST  be in black and white picture; no exceptions.

Art fee for Laser Engraving Logo and pictures is $60.00

Single Wrap Cord: $55.00 
Double Wrap Cord: $65.00 
Three Color Wrap Cord:  $70.00
Four Color Wrap Cord:  $75.00 and so on...

Added Knots: Turks head: $3.50 each

Coin Inset mount: $5.00

Custom Coin Inset( not a circle) $10.00 Each

Mounting: $5.00 for devices

Style of wrap upon request: Spiral, Half Hitch and Ribbon

For stain or color, a 20% deposit is required. 
Stain color: Provincial, Rich /Cherry,  Natural 

All devices are at cost, plus mounting fee

All special orders are non-refundable, due to alteration of paddle

Custom Shadow Box starts at $150.00, w/flag case: $180.00

Custom Paracord Bracelets: Single Color-$8.00 and Two Color-$10.00

Key Charms made with the same Para-cord

Wrapping Service:
I can custom wrap ship's wheels, Flag Staffs or any other item
you would like to wrap.

New  Message Paddle

    Add a message or name down the shaft of the paddle. Choose the letter colors and shaft colors. Special orders for command/unit paddles. Make it unique for the individual you hold in high reguard.